an English clergyman and traveller. Elliot was born in Jedburgh in Scotland, the son of Henry Elliot, a clerk. He was member of Caius College, Cambridge, from 1664 to 1668, when he took his B.A. degree. Elliot's Apologia pro Vitâ Suâ was published in 1682: it is sarcastically entitled A Modest Vindication of Titus Oates the Salamanca Doctor from Perjury, and contains the Narrative of his travels, Oates's depositions, and an account of the trial between him and Elliot. It was more ingenious than veracious, and the Narrative was burlesqued by Bartholomew Lane, a partisan of Oates, in A Vindication of Dr. Titus Oates from two Scurrilous Libels (1683).
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