1547, Feb 131597, Oct 28
the grandson of Aldus Manutius and son of Paulus Manutius. He was the last member of the Manuzio family to be active in the Aldine Press that his grandfather founded At eleven a work was published under his name, Eleganze della lingua Latina e toscana. Manutius the Younger was appointed to manage the Venice press while his father, Paulus Manutius, was away in Rome. In 1572 he married Francesca Lucrezin of the Giunti Family of Florence. After his father's death in 1574, Manutius became the head of the printing establishment. In 1585 he accepted the chair of Rhetoric at Bologna, travelling to Pisa in 1587 and on to Rome in 1588. In 1590 Manutius managed the Vatican Press. On 28 October 1597 he died in Rome at 50 years of age.
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