unknown1618, May 3
the Dean of Windsor. He was educated on the foundation at Westminster School, whence he was elected to Trinity College, Cambridge, on 18 April 1578, and graduated B.A. in 1581, M.A. in 1585, B.D. in 1594, and D.D. in 1608, but he failed to obtain a fellowship at Trinity. James I, out of admiration for his florid pulpit eloquence and dislike of tobacco, made him his chaplain, and on 21 June 1612 appointed him dean of Windsor and registrar of the order of the Garter. Maxey published three sermons preached before the king, with the title The Churches Sleepe and The Golden Chaine of Mans Saluation, and the fearefull point of hardening, 3 pts. London, 1606; 3rd edit. 1607. Other editions, with additional sermons, were issued in 1610, 1614, 1619, and 1634.
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