1475, Sep 131507, Mar 12
an Italian condottiero, nobleman, politician, and cardinal, whose fight for power was a major inspiration for The Prince by Machiavelli. He was the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI (r. 1492–1503, born Rodrigo Borgia) and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei. He was the brother of Lucrezia Borgia; Giovanni Borgia (Juan), Duke of Gandia; and Gioffre Borgia (Jofré in Valencian), Prince of Squillace. He was half-brother to Don Pedro Luis de Borja (1460–88) and Girolama de Borja, children of unknown mothers.
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01/28/1495-Pope gives his son Cesare Borgia as hostage to Charles VIII of France 
08/17/1498-Cardinal Cesare Borgia renounces his vows and office to marry a French princess
01/17/1501-Cesare Borgia returns in triumph to Rome from Romagna 
12/31/1502-Cesare Borgia (son of Pope Alexander VI) occupies Urbino 
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