musician and composer Lorraine, active between 1562 and 1592, died before 1603. Jean Claude Petit appeared for the first time in 1562 in the accounts of the St George Collegiate Nancy. It is mentioned as master of choristers and choir master of the college (1565), master of the choristers at the cathedral of Metz (1571), then choirmaster at Verdun (1575). The Duke of Lorraine Charles III called on him at the funeral of his wife, Claude of France (1575). In 1576, Claude Petit Jehan won a prize in the competition of Evreux with his song for five voices of the sonnet of Ronsard This softer rice. He ended his career likely to Metz, where he is mentioned as master of altar boys (1583). A single work of Jean Claude Petit has reached us, the song in four parts I became lovers for three months, published in the song book Twentieth four & five parts Orlande de Lassus and others, published by Adrian Le Roy and Robert Ballard in 1569, reissued in 1571 and 1578. The modern edition in sixteenth-century song: Previously unpublished full score of songs from the workshops of Le Roy and Ballard, Modern and Waelrant and de Laet, ed. Jane A. Bernstein, t. 19, New York / London, 1991, p. 253-258. A song in tone and very close to the text is in the Collection of the most beautiful and excellent songs in the form of voice-of-town ... of Jehan Chardavoine (Paris: Claude Micard), 1576, fol. 209-212. [french wikipedia]
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