1585 ca1624
an English Puritan Separatist. He was the publisher of, and perhaps helped write, the first account in Great Britain of the founding of Plymouth Colony, called Mourt's Relation. He was from Bawtry, South Yorkshire, England, and member of the Scrooby Congregation of separatists who eventually became the Mayflower Pilgrims. Morton, who had moved to Leyden, Holland with the congregation, stayed behind when the first settlers left for Plymouth, Massachusetts. He continued to orchestrate business affairs in Europe and London for their cause—presumably arranging for the 1622 publication of, and perhaps helping write, Mourt's Relation. In 1623 Morton himself emigrated on the ship Anne to Plymouth Colony with his wife Juliana Carpenter and her sister, Alice Southworth, who was to become the second wife of Governor William Bradford.
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