1530 ca1597, Sep 28
a Flemish painter of the late-Renaissance or Mannerist period, active mainly in Italy. Van den Broeck was born in Mechelen. Crispin van den Broeck was his brother. Hendrick was a pupil of Frans Floris and is also known as Hendricus Malinus. He is known as a sculptor as well as a painter and worked in Naples, Florence, Umbria, and Rome. He worked with Giorgio Vasari in Rome on the decoration of the Sala Regia of the Vatican. He worked under Cesare Nebbia to help decorate the Capella Sistina of Santa Maria Maggiore, as well as the better known Sistine Chapel in the Vatican complex, where he painted a "Resurrection of Christ" on the counterfacade of the entrance, where previously there had been Domenico Ghirlandaio painting.
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