1805, Dec 121878, Dec 10
an American businessman important in the history of both the American Express Company and Wells Fargo & Company. In 1836, Wells became a freight agent on the Erie Canal and soon started his own business. Later he worked for Harnden's Express in Albany. When Wells suggested that service could be expanded west of Buffalo, New York, William F. Harnden urged Wells to go into business on his own account. In 1841, the firm of Pomeroy & Company was formed by George E. Pomeroy, Henry Wells and Crawford Livingston.
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03/18/1850-Henry Wells and William Fargo form American Express in Buffalo 
03/18/1852-Wells Fargo and Company established by Henry Wells and William Fargo
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William Fargo
...Company and Wells Fargo with his business partner, Henry Wells. He was also the 27th Mayor of Buffalo, serving from...
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