1496/981542, May 21
a Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the first European expedition deep into the territory of the modern-day United States (Florida, Georgia, Alabama and most likely Arkansas), and the first documented European to have crossed the Mississippi River. Explored Central America and the southern United States
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05/28/1539-Hernando de Soto lands in Florida 
05/30/1539-Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto lands in Tampa Bay, Florida
06/03/1539-Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain 
06/03/1540-Hernando de Soto crosses Appalachian Mountain, first European to do so 
03/18/1541-Hernando de Soto observes first recorded flood in America (Mississippi River) 
05/08/1541-Hernando de Soto discovers the Mississippi River
05/21/1542-Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto dies in present-day Louisiana
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Luis de Moscoso Alvarado
assumed command of Hernando de Soto's expedition upon the latter's death, was born in Badajoz, Spain, in 1505, the son of Alonso Hernández Diosdado...
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