unknown1681, Jan 2
One of the group leader of the company lead by Captain Bartholomew Sharp on his voyage to the South Seas. He died on January 2nd, 1681 of dropsy and was buried at sea with all usual buccaneers honours.
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Crew of Bartholomew Sharp:
Allison , Robert: an English pirate, who lived and worked in the Caribbean. Sailed with Bartholomew Sharp, then together with the captains Bournano, John Coxon, Corneliu...
Cammock , William: A seaman under Captain Bartholomew Sharp. He died at sea on December 14th, 1679, off the coast of Chile. "His disease was occasioned by a sunfit, gaine...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Was "chief man" of the company of Captain Bartholomew Sharp on his "dangerous voyage" to the South Seas. Died on January 2nd, 1681, of dropsy; buried at sea with the usual buccaneers' honours.

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