1655, Nov1728, Dec 20
a French corsair, born in Honfleur in the last months of 1655, and dead the December 20, 1728 in Barneville-la-Bertran . He is one of the sixteen children of Madeleine Fontaine and François Doublet, apothecary turned merchant captain, owner and adventurous entrepreneur. Jean Doublet remains unknown, despite a long career at sea of forty-eight years, to say the least heterogeneous. Recognized as an excellent pilot, he is the privileged witness of the whole maritime history of the time of Louis XIV, of which he left us a testimony, reconstituted at the end of his life, having lost by twice the whole of the writings of his logbook. He is unquestionably the most prolific corsair, having left his memoirs written with care and meticulousness.
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