1723, Nov 81786, Apr 10
a Royal Navy officer. He was known as Foul-weather Jack because of his frequent encounters with bad weather at sea. As a midshipman, he sailed in the squadron under George Anson on his voyage around the world, though Byron made it to southern Chile, and returned to England with the captain of HMS Wager. He was governor of Newfoundland following Hugh Palliser, who left in 1768. He circumnavigated the world as a commodore with his own squadron in 1764-1766. He fought in battles in The Seven Years' War and the American Revolution. He rose to Vice Admiral of the White before his death in 1786.
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01/25/1765-Port Egmont, first British settlement in the Falkland Islands, is founded by an expedition led by Commodore John Byron
05/09/1766-John Byron back in England after trip around the world 
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