a colonel in the Mexican Army. Under General Antonio López de Santa Anna, de la Peña participated in the Battle of the Alamo. In 1955, a book of his memoirs of the battle was published. The memoirs are controversial in that they said that Davy Crockett did not die fighting (as is the common belief), but instead surrendered (along with his Tennessee boys) during the battle of the Alamo and was later executed. Historians disagree on whether the memoirs are accurate.
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Remembering the Alamo (and the death of Davy Crockett):
from The Straight Dope
In the column in your archive on the Alamo (The Straight Dope: What was the Mexicans' version of the Alamo attack?), you base most of your claims on the diary of José Enrique de la Peña. I did a bit of searching on the Internet and found claims that this diary is...
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