1804, Apr 231884, Apr 22
a ballet dancer of the Romantic ballet era, a central figure in the history of European dance. She was one of the most celebrated ballerinas of the romantic ballet, which was cultivated primarily at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, and at the Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique of the Paris Opera Ballet. She is credited with (though not confirmed) being the first ballerina to truly dance en pointe. Taglioni moved to Vienna with her family at a very young age where she began her ballet training under the direction of Jean-Francois Coulon and her father. After Filippo was appointed the ballet master at the court opera in Vienna there was a decision that Marie would debut in the Habsburg capital.
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Christoffer Christian Karsten
...maternal grandfather of the world-famous ballerina Marie Taglioni. In 1773 he debuted at the Royal Swedish Opera in...
Sophie Stebnowska
...maternal grandmother of the world-famous ballet dancer Marie Taglioni. She was also active as a musician. In March,...
Filippo Taglioni his own daughter, the famous Romantic ballerina Marie Taglioni. (He had another child who also danced ballet, Paul...
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