17381813, Apr 9
“Moll Pitcher,” the famous fortune-teller of Lynn, has no birth record. So the place of her first appearance in life cannot be thus determined. The tenement house, known as the ” Old Brig,” situated at the junction of Pond and Orne streets in Marblehead, is the reputed birthplace. The records, however, fail to confirm this. When Mrs. Pitcher began her professional career is not known. Probably the practice grew from isolated instances of successful averments in reference to future events, dating back to her early womanhood. It is said that soon after her marriage she was known as a fortune-teller, having then a clientage which continued to increase in importance during the fifty years that she afterwards lived. Her fame reached every fireside in New England, and her successful predictions, alike astounding to the vulgar and the educated, were the themes of many midnight vigils and forecastle story tellers.
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