1504, Nov 131567, Mar 31
nicknamed der Großmütige ("the magnanimous") was a leading champion of the Protestant Reformation and one of the most important of the early Protestant rulers in Germany. His father died when Philip was five years old, and in 1514 his mother, after a series of struggles with the Estates of Hesse, succeeded in becoming regent on his behalf. The struggles over authority continued, however. To put an end to them, Philip was declared of age in 1518, his actual assumption of power beginning the following year. The power of the Estates had been broken by his mother, but he owed her little else. His education had been very imperfect, and his moral and religious training had been neglected.
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02/27/1531-Philip I of Hesse and John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony form the Schmalkaldic League
03/04/1540-Protestant count Philip I of Hesse marries second wife, Margarethe von der Saale
06/23/1547-Philip I of Hesse is captured
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