1822, Jul1873, Mar 8
the original inventor of the pneumatic tyre. Born in Stonehaven in the north east of Scotland, Robert was the eleventh of twelve children of a local woollen mill owner. His family wished him to study for the ministry but Robert refused, one reason being his inability to master Latin. He left school at the age of 14 and went to live with an uncle in Charleston, United States, where he was apprenticed to a merchant. Two years later he returned home and taught himself chemistry, electricity and astronomy with the help of a local weaver who had a knowledge of mathematics.
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12/10/1845-Robert W. Thomson, a Scottish engineer, receives a British patent for the world's first pneumatic tire
06/10/1846-Robert William Thomson obtains an English patent on a rubber tire 
05/08/1847-Robert W. Thomson patents rubber tire
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