1794 ca1870 ca
an Ottoman Bosniak poet and the earliest Bosnian female author whose work survives to this day. Cuvidina sang her poems and contributed greatly to the traditional genre of Bosniak folk music, sevdalinka. In 1813, Cuvidina was engaged to a man named Mujo Camdži-bajraktar who died as a soldier of the imperial army of Alipaša Derendelija during the First Serbian Uprising of the early 19th century. He was killed near the small town of Loznica near the Drina river. Strongly affected by her fiancé's death, Cuvidina decided never to marry and began writing poetry about her fiancé and his fellow soldiers. For three years after Mujo's death, Umihana did not make it out of her yard. In the fourth year, she manually cut off all her hair as a sign of eternal mourning for her dead love and tied it onto the fence in her yard. This is something that is mentioned in her poems.
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