1685 ca1709-17431748, Apr 12
An eminent English architect, landscape architect and furniture designer of the early 18th century. Kent introduced the Palladian style of architecture into England with the villa at Chiswick House, and for originating the 'natural' style of gardening known as the English landscape garden at Chiswick, Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, and Rousham House in Oxfordshire.
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William Kent1685 ca1709
17431748, Apr 12

James Smith [1]1645 ca1677
 a Scottish architect, who pioneered the Palladian style in Scotland. He was described by Colen Ca...
Christopher Wren1632, Oct 201653
17181723, Feb 25
 one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history. He was accorded responsibility fo...
Domenico Martinelli1650, Nov 301670
17191718, Sep 11
 an Italian architect who was an evident figure in the shaping of Baroque style in the North Alps....
Christoph Dientzenhofer1655, Jul 71670
17221722, Jun 20
 a prominent Bavarian architect of South-German, Austrian and Bohemian Baroque. Among his works ar...
Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach1656, Jul 201671
17231723, Apr 5
 an Austrian architect, sculptor, and architectural historian whose Baroque architecture profoundl...
Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel1677, Feb 31700
17231723, Dec 7
 a Bohemian-Czech architect of Italian descent, whose major works represent the unique Baroque Got...
Jakob Prandtauer1660, Jul 161680
17261726, Sep 16
 an Austrian Baroque architect. Trained as a stonemason rather than as an architect, he designed a...
Teodoro Ardemans1661 ca1702
 a Spanish architect and painter. He was a disciple of the painter Claudio Coello, although he mai...
Colen Campbell1676, Jun 151712
17291729, Sep 13
 a pioneering Scottish architect and architectural writer, credited as a founder of the Georgian s...
Edward Lovett Pearce16991720
17331733, Dec 7
 an Irish architect, and the chief exponent of palladianism in Ireland. He is best known for the I...
Domenico Trezzini1670 ca1703
 a Swiss Italian architect who elaborated the Petrine Baroque style of Russian architecture. Domen...
Cosmas Damian Asam1686, Sep 291713
17341739, May 10
 a German painter and architect during the late Baroque period. Brother of sculptor Egid Quirin As...
Nicholas Hawksmoor1661 ca1679
17361736, Mar 25
 an English architect. He was a leading figure of the English Baroque style of architecture in the...
Filippo Juvarra1678, Mar 71705
17361736, Jan 31
 an Italian architect and stage set designer, active in a late-Baroque style. In 1708 he created h...
Giacomo Leoni16861710
17391746, Jun 8
 an Italian architect, born in Venice. He was a devotee of the work of Florentine Renaissance arch...
Josef Munggenast1680, Mar 51717
17391741, May 3
 an Austrian architect and masterbuilder of the Baroque period. Munggenast was born in Schnann in ...
Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt1668, Nov 141696
17451745, Nov 16
 an Austrian baroque architect and military engineer who designed stately buildings and churches a...
William Adam16891714
17461748, Jun 24
 a Scottish architect, mason, and entrepreneur. He was the foremost architect of his time in Scotl...
Anton Erhard Martinelli16841700
17471747, Sep 15
 an Austrian architect and master-builder of Italian descent. Son of architect Franz Martinelli, b...
Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer1689, Sep 11717
17511751, Dec 18
 a Bohemian architect of the Baroque era. He was the fifth son of the German architect Christoph D...
Richard Cassels16901728
 one of the greatest architects working in Ireland in the 18th century. The untimely death of Edwa...
Carl Marcus Tuscher1705, Jun 11728
17511751, Jan 6
 a German-born Danish polymath: portrait painter, printmaker, architect, and decorator of the Baro...
Balthasar Neumann1687, Jan 271712
17531753, Aug 19
 a German architect and military artillery engineer who developed a refined brand of Baroque archi...
Dominikus Zimmermann1685, jun 301716
17541766, Nov 16
 a German Rococo architect and stuccoist. Brother of Johann Baptist Zimmermann. Born in Gaispoint ...
Nicolai Eigtved1701, Jun 4/221720
17541754, Jun 7
 a Danish architect, introduced and was the leading proponent of the French rococo style in Danish...
John Wood the Elder17041725
17541754, May 23
 an English architect, working mainly in Bath. In 1740 he surveyed Stonehenge and the Stanton Drew...
Johann Baptist Zimmermann1680, Jan 31701
17571758, Mar 2
 a German painter and a prime stucco plasterer during the Baroque, he was born in Gaispoint, Wesso...
Giovanni Paolo Panini1691, Jun 171710
17591765, Oct 21
 a painter and architect, who worked in Rome and is mainly known as one of the vedutisti ("view pa...
Giorgio Massari1687, Oct 131715
17591766, Dec 20
 an Italian late-Baroque architect from Venice. He designed the Villa Lattes near Treviso in 1715,...
Johann Baptist Martinelli1701, Feb1720
17591754, Jun 21
 an Austrian architect and constructor of Italian descent. He was born in Vienna, the son of archi...
Lauritz de Thurah1706, Mar 41725
17591759, Sep 5
 a Danish architect and architectural writer. He became the most important Danish architect of the...
Ivan Fyodorovich Michurin17001729
 a Russian architect whose designs marked a transition of Russian architecture from early Muscovit...
Johann Michael Fischer1692, Feb 181714
17661766, May 6
 a German architect in the late Baroque period. He studied in Bohemia and combined Bohemian elemen...
François de Cuvillies1695, Oct 231724
17681768, Apr 14
 a Belgian-born Bavarian decorative designer and architect who was instrumental in bringing the Ro...
Luigi Vanvitelli1700, May 121732
17691773, Mar 1
 an Italian engineer and architect. The most prominent 18th-century architect of Italy, he practis...
Bernardo Vittone1704, Aug 191732
17691770, Oct 19
 an Italian architect and writer. He was one of the three most important Baroque architects active...
Jose Ramirez de Arellano17051740
17701770, Mar 27
 a Spanish Baroque architect and sculptor. He was the son of the sculptor Juan Ramírez Mejandre, ...
Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli17001721
17711771, Apr 29
 an Italian architect whose entire career was spent in Russia. He developed an easily recognizable...
Ange-Jacques Gabriel1698, Oct 231728
17771782, Jan 4
 the most prominent French architect of his generation. His sober rationality in planning and deta...
John Douglas1709 ca1730
17791778, Jun 20
 a Scottish architect who designed and reformed several country houses in the Scottish Lowlands. H...
Sir Robert Taylor17141740
 a notable English architect of the mid-late 18th century. Among his earliest projects was Asgill ...
Thomas Sandby17211740
17891798, Jun 25
 an English draughtsman, watercolour artist, architect and teacher. In 1743 he was appointed priva...
Nicolas-Henri Jardin1720, Mar 221738
17931799, Aug 31
  a neoclassical architect, was born in St. Germain des Noyers, Dept. Seine-et-Marne, France, and...
Sir William Chambers1723, Feb 231740
17961796, Mar 10
 a Scottish-Swedish architect, based in London. Among his best-known works are Somerset House, Lon...
Joao Frederico Ludovice16731698
 a German born architect and goldsmith. Ludovice was born in Hohenhart. In 1698 he went to Italy, ...
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