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a British statesman who is most remembered for his part in the government before and during the American Revolution, and as the namesake of Dartmouth College. Lord Dartmouth was Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1772 to 1775. It was Lord Dartmouth who, in 1764, at the suggestion of Thomas Haweis, recommended John Newton, the former slave trader and author of "Amazing Grace", to the Bishop of Chester, and was instrumental in his being accepted for the Anglican ministry.
 Timeline (3)
05/03/1775-William Legge, Lord Dartmouth, tells Josiah Martin to organize North Carolina Loyalists
05/06/1775-William Franklin warns William Legge, Lord Dartmouth, of repercussions from Lexington and Concord
10/09/1775-William Legge, Lord Dartmouth, orders British officers to North Carolina
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