1742 ca1775, Jan 10
a pretender to the Russian throne who led a great popular insurrection during the reign of Catherine II. Born in the stanitsa Zimoveyskaya, he signed on to military service at the age of 17. One year later, he married a Cossack girl, Sofya Nedyuzheva, with whom he had a total of five children, two of whom died in infancy. Shortly after his marriage, he joined the Russian Second Army in Prussia during the Seven Years' War under the command of Count Zakhar Chernyshov. He returned home in 1762, and for the next seven years would divide his time between his home village and several service assignments.
 Timeline (2)
07/12/1774-Cossack leader Yemelyan Pugachev's army occupies Kazan 
09/14/1774-Cossack Yemelyan Pugachev captured
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