Exarch (appointed by the Russian Church) of Georgia (13 Sep 1834 - 24 Nov 1844) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.
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Exarchs of Georgia:
Orthodox Church of Georgia
Evgeniy : Exarch (appointed by the Russian Church) of Georgia (13 Sep 1834 - 24 Nov 1844) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.
Evseviy : Exarch (appointed by the Russian Church) of Georgia (13 Mar 1858 - 20 Dec 1877) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.
Iona : Exarch (appointed by the Russian Church) of Georgia (13 Oct 1821 - 17 Mar 1832) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.

Hayim Yakup Benyakarunknown1800
 Chaim Jacob Benyakar (also Jacob Haïm Benyakar) was a Jewish scholar of the 18th / 19th Century ...
Constantius IIunknown1834
 the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople during the period 1834-1835. Before his ...
William White [2]1748, Apr 41770
18361836, Jul 17
 the first and fourth Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States (1789; 1795–...
Ignatius George Vunknown1819
 Patriarch of Antioch and All the East (1819–1836)* Syrian Orthodox Church
Carl von Rosenstein1766, May 131819
18361836, Dec 2
 the Church of Sweden Archbishop of Uppsala from 1819 to 1836. Before that he served as Bishop of ...
Syedna Taiyeb Zainuddinunknown1821
 Islam; Dai al-Mutlaq Leader (1821–1836)* Dawoodi Bohra
 Metropolitan of Kiev (1822–1837)* Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Tsultrim Gyatso1816, Mar 291822
 the 10th Dalai Lama of the Gelug (Yellow Hat Buddhism) of Tibet. Born to a modest family in Chamd...
 Metropolitan of Durrës and Gora (1833–1837)* Orthodox Church of Albania
Stefan Stankovicunknown1836
 0 (1836–1837)* Serbian Orthodox Church
 Metropolitan of Turnovo (1830–1838)* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Thomas John Hussey1792, Apr 41835
18381854 ca
 an English clergyman and astronomer. In his clerical capacity he published several sermons, but h...
Johnny Appleseed1774, Sep 261794
18391845, Mar 18
 an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario...
Mahmud II1789, Jul 201808
18391839, Jul 1
 the 30th Sultan and Caliph (Sunni Islam) of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate from 1808 until his deat...
Charles Follen1796, Sep 61818
18391840, Jan 13
 a German poet and patriot, who later moved to the United States and became the first professor of...
Abraham Leviunknown1835
 Chief Rabbi (1835–1839)* Jewish
Johan Olof Wallin1779, Oct 151837
18391839, Jun 30
 a Swedish minister, orator, poet and later Lutheran Church of Sweden Archbishop of Uppsala, Swede...
 Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cypru (1827–1840)* Orthodox Church of Cyprus
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1834–1840)* Romanian Orthodox Church
Syedna Mohammed Badruddinunknown1836
 Islam; Dai al-Mutlaq Leader (1836–1840)* Dawoodi Bohra
 Metropolitan of Turnovo (1838–1840)* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
 1815-1841, Tibetan Buddhism, Mongolia; Buddhism
Stefan Stankovicunknown1830
 an orthodox bishop from the Eparchy of Buda and Metropolitan of Karlovci for the Serbian Orthodox...
Solomon Hirschell1762, Feb 121802
18421842, Oct 31
 the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, 1802-42. He is best remembered for his unsuccessful attempt to ...
Anthimus Vunknown1815
  Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople for thirteen months from 1841 to 1842. He ...
Hovhannes VIIIunknown1831
 Catholicose of All Armenian (1831–1842)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Georgije Hranislavunknown1841
 0 (1841–1842)* Serbian Orthodox Church
Dolma Phodrang Padma Dudulunknown1806
 1806-1843, Sakya sect, Throne holder; Buddhism
 Metropolitan of St. Petersburg (1821–1843)* Russian Orthodox Church
Alexander Griswold1766, Apr 221836
18431843, Feb 15
 the 5th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church from 1836 till 1843. He was also the Episcopal B...
Athanasios Vunknown1827
 Patriarch (1827–1844)* Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Joseph Smith1805, Dec 231827
18441844, Jun 27
 an American religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement. When he ...
Gavriil IIIunknown1832
 Metropolitan of Skopje (1832–1844)* Orthodox Church of Macedonia / under Patriarchate of Consta...
Thomas S. Hinde1785, Apr 191801
18451846, Feb 9
 an American newspaper editor, opponent of slavery, author, historian, real estate investor, Metho...
Meletius III17721828
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople in 1845. He was protosynkellos during t...
Phuntsog Phodrang Jamgon Dorjeunknown1843
 1843-1845, Sakya sect, Throne holder; Buddhism
Pope Gregory XVI1765, Sep 181831
18461846, Jun 1
 Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, reigned from 2 February 1831 to his death in 1846. Strongly co...
 Metropolitan of Turnovo (1840–1846)* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Erik Gabriel Melartin1780, Jan 111833
18471847, Jul 8
 the Archbishop of Turku between 1833 and 1847, and (after his death) the spiritual head of the Ev...
Ignatius Elias IIunknown1838
 Patriarch of Antioch and All the East (1838–1847)* Syrian Orthodox Church
William Howley17661828
 a clergyman in the Church of England. He served as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1828 to 1848. Ho...
 Metropolitan of St. Petersburg (1843–1848)* Russian Orthodox Church
 1843-1848, Tibetan Buddhism, Mongolia; Buddhism
William Miller1782, Feb 151809
18491849, Dec 20
 an American Baptist preacher who is credited with beginning the mid-19th century North American r...
Ierotheos Iunknown1820
 Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria for the Greek orthodox Church (1825-1845). He renovated the Ho...
 Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cypru (1840–1849)* Orthodox Church of Cyprus
Neophytos IIunknown1840
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1840–1849)* Romanian Orthodox Church
Fra Vincenzo Solivaunknown1840
 in 1843 (June 24), in spite of the fact that the Jews of the city had contributed 12,900 scudi to...
 Leader (Acarya) (1821–1850)* Svetambara Jainism
Methodios I [2]unknown1823
 Patriarch (1823–1850)* Patriarchate of Antioch
Sylvester Graham1794, Jul 51828
18511851, Sep 11
 a 19th-century Presbyterian minister, was an American dietary reformer, best known for his emphas...
Petar IIunknown1830
 Metropolitan (vladika) (1830–1851)* Montenegrin Orthodox Church
Petar II Petrovic-Njegos1813, Nov 11830
18511851, Oct 19
 a Prince-Bishop (vladika) of Montenegro, poet and philosopher whose works are widely considered s...
Carl Fredrik af Wingard1781, Sep 261839
18511851, Sep 19
 a Swedish politician and Lutheran clergyman, and Archbishop of Uppsala for the Lutheran Swedish C...
Peter VIIunknown1809
18521852, Apr 15
 the 109th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark (1810–1852). He was born in the...
Anthimus IVunknown1825
 twice Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople, between 1840 and 1841, and between 1...
Philander Chase1775, Dec 141843
18521852, Sep 20
 an Episcopal Church bishop, educator, and pioneer of the United States western frontier, especial...
Palden Tenpai Nyimaunknown1782
 the seventh Panchen Lama of Gelug (Buddhist Yellow Hat sect), from 1782-1853. In 1810 (or 1811) P...
Germanus IVunknown1826
 served two terms as Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople, from 1842 to 1845 and ...
Charles Warburton [2]17801808
 Archdeacon of Tuam from 1808 until 1855. The son of Bishop Charles Warburton he was born in New Y...
Mikael IIunknown1833
 Catholicose of Cilicia (1833–1855)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Philexenos IIunknown1829
 Metropolitan (1829–1856)* Malabar Independent Syrian Church
Eduard Morike1804, Sep 81831
18561875, Jun 4
 a German Romantic poet and writer of novellas and novels. His first published work was the novel ...
Khendrup Gyatso1838, Nov 11842
18561856, Jan 31
 the 11th Dalai Lama of the Gelug (Yellow Hat Buddhism) of Tibet. He was recognised as the Elevent...
Parley P. Pratt1807, Apr 121830
18571857, May 13
 an early leader of the Latter Day Saint movement whose writings became a significant early ninete...
Charles David Badham1805, Aug 271833
18571857, Jul 14
 an English writer, physician, entomologist, and mycologist. David Badham seems to have started hi...
Nerses Vunknown1843
 Catholicose of All Armenian (1843–1857)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Johannes van Santenunknown1825
 Archbishop of Utrecht (1825–1858)*Old Catholicism: Church of Utrecht
Filaret Iunknown1837
 Metropolitan of Kiev (1837–1858)* Ukrainian Orthodox Church
 Bishop (1840–1858)* Orthodox Church in America
Konstantios IIunknown1804
 Archbishop of Sinai (1804–1859)* Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai
Petar Jovanovicunknown1833
 Metropolitan of Serbia (1833–1859)* Serbian Orthodox Church
Ierotheos IIunknown1840
 Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria (1847–1858) for the Greek Orthodox Church. In 1847 he establis...
Shimoun XVII Abrahamunknown1820
 Patriarch (1820–1861)*Assyrian Church of the East
Stephen P. Hill1806, Apr 171832
18611884, Sep 15
 a Baptist clergyman who served as Chaplain of the Senate. He was educated at Waterville College, ...
Abdulmecid I1823, Apr 23/251839
18611861, Jun 25
 the 31st Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1839 to 1861. Also Caliph (Islam) of the Ottoman Calip...
Frederick Rinehart Anspach1815, Jan1841
18611867, Sep 16
 a Lutheran clergyman and writer. A sermon delivered on the occasion of the death of Henry Clay wa...
Josif Rajacic1785, Jul 201842
18611861, Dec 1
 a metropolitan of Sremski Karlovci (1842–1848)and Patriarch of the Serb (1848–1861) for the S...
George Washington Bethune1805, Mar 181827
18621862, Apr 28
 a preacher-pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church. He was an outspoken Democrat in politics, opposed...
Neophytos V, Metaxaunknown1833
 Metropolitan of Athens and All Greece (1833–1862)* Orthodox Church of Greece
Thomas Brownell1779, Oct 191819
18651865, Jan 13
 founder of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church...
William Benton Clulow18021835
18651882, Apr 16
 an English dissenting minister, tutor and writer. Clulow was a native of Leek, Staffordshire, and...
Menachem Mendel Schneersohn1789, Sep 91831
18661866, Mar 17
 an Orthodox rabbi, leading 19th century posek, and the third Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chab...
Selama IIIunknown1841
 Metropolitan of Ethiopia (1841–1866)* Ethiopian Church
 Metropolitan of Moscow (1821–1867)* Russian Orthodox Church
Gorham Dummer Abbott1807, Sep 31837
18701874, Aug 3
 an American clergyman, educator, and author. He was a significant figure in the movement to suppl...
Anyos Jedlik1800, Jan 111817
18731895, Dec 13
 a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He was also a member of the Hu...
John Stevens Cabot Abbott1805, Sep 191834
18761877, Jun 17
 an American historian, pastor, and pedagogical writer. He was a voluminous writer of books on Chr...
Brigham Young1801, Jun 11832
18771877, Aug 29
 an American leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and a settler of the Western United States. H...
Pope Pius IX1792, May 131819
18781878, Feb 7
 the Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 16 June 1846 to his death in 1878. He was the longest...
Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther1811, Oct 251837
18781887, May 7
 the first President of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (from 1847–1850) and its most influ...
William Swan Plumer1802, Jul 261834
18801880, Oct 22
 an American clergyman, theologian and author who was recognized as an intellectual leader of the ...
Aga Khan I18041818
 the governor of Kirman, 46th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili Muslims, and prominent Muslim leader in I...
Leonard Bacon1802, Feb 191825
18811881, Dec 24
 an American Congregational preacher and writer. He held the pulpit of the First Church New Haven ...
Frederic Barker1808, Mar 171831
18821882, Apr 6
 the second Anglican bishop of Sydney. for the Anglican Church of Australia from 1854 to1853). Amo...
Henry Highland Garnet1815, Dec 231834
18821882, Feb 13
 an African-American abolitionist, minister, educator and orator. Having escaped with his family a...
Frederick Thatcher18141835
18821890, Oct 19
 an English and New Zealand architect and clergyman. He was born at Hastings to a long-established...
Thomas William Webb1807, Dec 141829
18851885, May 19
 a British astronomer. Through his career T. W. Webb served as a clergyman at various places inclu...
Syedna Abdulqadir Najmuddinunknown1840
 Islam; Dai al-Mutlaq Leader (1840–1885)* Dawoodi Bohra
James Freeman Clarke1810, Apr 41833
18881888, Jun 8
 an American theologian and author. In 1839 he returned to Boston where he and his friends establi...
George Dod Armstrong1813, Sep 151832
18991899, May 11
 a Presbyterian minister and author born in Mendham, New Jersey. In 1855 his family was nearly des...
Queen Victoria1819, May 241837
19011901, Jan 22
 Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (and Supreme Governor of the Church of E...
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