1502, Mar 181530, Aug 3
the last Prince of Orange from the House of Chalon. Born at Nozeroy to John IV of Chalon-Arlay, Philibert served Emperor Charles V as commander in Italy, fighting in the War of the League of Cognac. He took part in the Sack of Rome and was killed during the final stages of the Siege of Florence (1530). An interesting exchange of letters during the siege between him and Charles still survives. He was succeeded as Prince of Orange by the son of his sister (Claudia of Chalon), Renatus of Nassau-Breda, who thus founded the House of Orange-Nassau.
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04/20/1505-Jews are expelled from Orange, Burgandy by Philibert of Luxembourg [UNVERIFIED: 'Philibert of Luxembourg' apparently refers to Philibert of Chalon, but he was born in 1502 which would make him very anti-semitic if he were expelling Jews at age 3...further research needed...-ed]
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