Update: August 2 -- Okay, we admit it -- we're slack.

Not slack about adding new features and content to the Colonial Sense site; we do that every day! No, what we're slack about is posting this intro text to TELL you what we've been doing, what's new, what's changed, and what's in store next...

Since the time between updating this section went from weeks to a month to three months, we've decided that the best way to let you know what's changed on the site is to let the site tell you this is going to be the last human post here, and within a few days/weeks/months a new format will appear, with daily updates on new articles, posts, features and what-not, to keep you, Dear Reader, better informed of All Things Colonial...and it sure beats having months go by with no apparent update on our home page!

So, as a last word let me point out our newest feature, our very own Trivia Challenge, an expanding collection of quizzes on early America, broken into ten categories (by time era). Some questions are easy, some are quite hard, but you'll never know what you'll get, as each quiz is randomly created from our Colonial Sense Storehouse of dust off those history books and put yourself to the test!

Oh yeah, we've also added a bunch of new articles, posts, timeline entries and other stuff that we're too slack busy to tell you have a look around the the site & we'll get cracking on the Recent Activity Reporter to keep you up to date on everything going on at CS!

Have a great end-of-summer,

--The Colonial Sense TeamSource: 1

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