Crew of Bartholomew Sharp:
Allison , Robert: an English pirate, who lived and worked in the Caribbean. Sailed with {c656}, then together with the captains Bournano, John Coxon, Corneliu...
Cammock , William: A seaman under Captain {c656}. He died at sea on December 14th, 1679, off the coast of Chile. "His disease was occasioned by a sunfit, gaine...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
On March 23rd, 1679, Macket, who commanded a small vessel of fourteen tons, with a crew of twenty men, was at Boca del Toro with Coxon, Hawkins, and other famous buccaneers, having just returned from the sacking of Porto Bello.

Shortly afterwards the fleet s...
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