1. Beef Steaks
  2. Butter
  3. Sauce
    1. 1 glass Red Wine
    2. 1/2 an Anchovy
    3. pinch of Nutmeg
    4. pinch of Pepper
    5. 1 Shallot
    6. Salt to taste
  • Cut the lean by itself, and beat it well with the back of a knife
  • Fry the steaks in just as much butter as will moisten the pan
  • Pour out the gravy as it runs out of the meat, turn them often and do them over a gentle fire
  • Fry the fat by itself, and lay upon the lean
  • For sauce, put to the gravy the red wine, anchovy, nutmeg, pepper, and the shallot cut small
  • Give it two or three little boils, season it with salt to your palate
  • Pour it over the steak, and send them to table.

  • Source: The New-England Cookery by Lucy Emerson, 1808

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