Suitable for pic-nics, balls, weddings, and other festive occasions.

  1. 1 quart bottle of champagne
  2. 2 bottles of soda-water
  3. 1 liqueur-glass of brandy or Curacoa
  4. 2 tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar
  5. 1 lb. of pounded ice
  6. a sprig of green borage
  • Put all the ingredients into a silver cup
  • Stir them together
  • Regulate the proportion of ice by the state of the weather: if very warm, a larger quantity would be necessary
  • Hand the cup round with a clean napkin passed through one of the handles, that the edge of the cup may be wiped after each guest has partaken of the contents thereof

  • Should the above proportion of sugar not be found sufficient to suit some tastes, increase the quantity. When borage is not easily obtainable, substitute for it a few slices of cucumber-rind.

    Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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