Time: 3/4 hour to simmer the gooseberries without the sugar; 3/4 hour to boil the juice.

Seasonable in July.

  1. Gooseberries
  2. to every pint of juice allow 3/4 lb. of loaf sugar
  • Put the gooseberries, after cutting off the tops and tails, into a preserving-pan
  • Stir them over the fire until they are quite soft
  • Strain them through a sieve
  • To every pint of juice allow 3/4 lb. of sugar
  • Boil the juice and sugar together for nearly 3/4 hour, stirring and skimming all the time
  • If the jelly appears firm when a little of it is poured on to a plate, it is done, and should then be taken up and put into small pots.
  • Cover each of the pots with an oiled paper, and then with a piece of tissue-paper brushed over on both sides with the white of an egg
  • Label the pots, adding the year when the jelly was made, and store it away in a dry place

  • Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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