1. juice of 10 lemons
  2. juice of 2sweet oranges
  3. peel of an orange cut very thin
  4. 2 pounds of powdered loaf-sugar
  5. whites of ten eggs
  6. 2 bottles of champagne, or rum
  • Mix the lemon juice, the orange juice, the orange peel, and-sugar together
  • Then take the egg whites, and beat them into froth
  • Pass the first mixture through a sieve
  • Then mix it by degrees, always beating with the froth of the eggs
  • Put the whole into an ice-lead
  • Let it freeze a little
  • Then add to it the champagne, or rum
  • Turn it round with a ladle and serve chilled

  • The above is for twelve persons.
    Source: The Lady's Own Cookery Book by Charlotte Campbell Bury (1844)

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