1. 4 gallons of the best rum
  2. 12 lemons
  3. 12 oranges
  4. 12 pounds double-refined sugar
  5. 6 gallons of water
  6. 12 egg whites beat
  7. 6 quarts of orange-juice
  8. juice of 12 lemons
  9. 2 quarts of new milk
  • Pare the lemons and oranges very thin
  • Mix both with the rum;
  • Let the pulp of both steep in the rum twenty-four hours
  • Put twelve pounds of double-refined sugar into six gallons of water
  • Add the whites of a dozen eggs beaten to a froth
  • Boil and scum it well
  • When cold, put it into the vessel with the rum
  • Add the orange-juice, and that of the dozen of lemons, and the new milk
  • Shake the vessel so as to mix it;
  • Stop it up very close
  • Let it stand two months before you bottle it

  • This quantity makes twelve gallons of the Duke of Norfolk's punch. It is best made in March, as the fruit is then in the greatest perfection.

    Source: The Lady's Own Cookery Book by Charlotte Campbell Bury (1844)

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