Note: The spawn is interpreted to mean the roe removed from the lobster.

  1. Lobster
  2. 2 Anchovies
  3. 2 Tbls Gravy
  4. Butter
  5. Lemon
  • Pound the spawn, and two anchovies
  • Pour on them the gravy
  • Strain all into some butter melted, as will be hereafter directed
  • Put in the meat of the lobster
  • Give it all one boil
  • Add a squeeze of lemon

  • Another way -- Leave out the anchovies and gravy; and do it as above, either with or without a little salt and ketchup, as you like. Many prefer the flavour of the lobster and salt only.

    Used by:
    Cod, Boiled
    Skate, Boiled
    Skate, Crimped
    Soles, Boiled
    Trout, Boiled

    Source: A New System of Domestic Cookery by Maria Rundell, 1807

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