unknown1760-17981798, May 16
Jane Hooper was a Newburyport “school dame” in 1760, but after she lost that job she found fame as a fortune-teller and became known in our area as “Madam Hooper, the Witch.” The Madam had very bright grey eyes, and seemed to look through people. Her teeth were double all around, giving her chin a puffy look. Her wardrobe was extravagant — silks and satins beyond price. These antique garments were calculated to inspire credulous people with the awe which she coveted. Children ran at her approach and their elders, fearing the evil eye, were lavish in courtesy. The queerest thing of all was a jet black hen with a clipped bill which was her “familiar” and constant companion. The fowl inspired people with awe as if it were the devil incarnated.
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Jane Hooperunknown1760
17981798, May 16

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