Sack is any dry white wine (originally from Spain or the Canary Islands)

  1. 7 eggs
  2. 1 tbls rose water
  3. 1 tbls sack
  4. 1 lb+ sugar
  5. 1 lb flour
  6. 1 oz coriander seed
  • Beat up six eggs
  • Add rose water and sack; mix well
  • Add 1 lb of fine powdered sugar, and flour; mix these into the eggs by degrees
  • Add coriander seeds; blend well into batter
  • Shape biscuits on white thin paper or tin moulds, in any form you please.
  • Beat the white of last egg, and with a feather (brush) rub it over, and dust fine sugar over them
  • Set them in an oven moderately heated, till they rise and come to a good colour
  • if you have no stove to dry them in, put them into the oven at night, and let them stand till morning

  • Source: The New-England Cookery by Lucy Emerson, 1808

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