Time: 3/4 hour, or rather more.

  1. A piece of salmon, say 3 lbs
  2. salt
  3. pounded mace
  4. pepper
  5. water
  6. vinegar
  7. 3 bay-leaves
  • Split the fish; scale, bone, and wash it thoroughly clean
  • Combine the salt, mace, and pepper; mix well
  • Wipe the fish, and rub in the seasoning inside and out
  • Roll it up, and bind firmly
  • Lay it in a kettle, cover it with vinegar and water (1/3 vinegar, in proportion to the water)
  • Add the bay-leaves and a good seasoning of salt and whole pepper
  • Simmer till done; do not remove the lid
  • Serve with melted butter or anchovy sauce

  • For preserving the collared fish, boil up the liquor in which it was cooked, and add a little more vinegar. Pour over when cold.
    Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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