This crust is quite rich enough for ordinary purposes, but when a better one is desired, use from 1/2 to 3/4 lb. of suet to every lb. of flour. Some cooks, for rich crusts, pound the suet in a mortar, with a small quantity of butter. It should then be laid on the paste in small pieces, the same as for puff-crust, and will be found exceedingly nice for hot tarts. 5 oz. of suet to every lb. of flour will make a very good crust; and even 1/4 lb. will answer very well for children, or where the crust is wanted very plain.

  1. 1 lb. of flour
  2. 5 or 6 oz. of beef suet
  3. 1/2 pint of water
  • Free the suet from skin and shreds
  • Chop it extremely fine, and rub it well into the flour
  • Work the whole to a smooth paste with the above proportion of water;
  • Roll it out, and it is ready for use

  • Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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