Time: 1/2 hour

Seasonable from March to October

  1. 3/4 lb. of minced cold roast veal
  2. 3 oz. of ham
  3. 1 tablespoonful of gravy
  4. pepper and salt to taste
  5. 3 teaspoonful of grated nutmeg
  6. 1/4 lb. of bread crumbs
  7. 1/4 lb. of macaroni
  8. 1 or 2 eggs to bind
  9. a small piece of butter
  • Cut some nice slices from a cold fillet of veal
  • Trim off the brown outside
  • Mince the meat finely with the above proportion of ham: should the meat be very dry, add a spoonful of good gravy
  • Season highly with pepper and salt
  • Add the grated nutmeg and bread crumbs
  • Mix this with 1 or 2 eggs well beaten, which should bind the mixture and make it like forcemeat
  • In the mean time, boil the macaroni in salt and water, and drain it
  • Butter a mould, put some of the macaroni at the bottom and sides of it, in whatever form is liked
  • Mix the remainder with the forcemeat
  • Fill the mould up to the top, put a plate or small dish on it, and steam for 1/2 hour
  • Turn it out carefully, and serve with good gravy poured round, but not over, the meat

  • Note: To make a variety, boil some carrots and turnips separately in a little salt and water; when done, cut them into pieces about 1/8 inch in thickness; butter an oval mould, and place these in it, in white and red stripes alternately, at the bottom and sides. Proceed as in the foregoing recipe, and be very careful in turning it out of the mould.

    Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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