Wherein you have the setting out of a Ship, with the charges; The prices of all necessaries for furnishing a Planter and his Family at his first coming; A Description of the Countrey, Natives and Creatures, with their Merchantil and Physical use; The Government of the Countrey as it is now possessed by the English, &c. A large Chronological Table of |he most remarkable passages, from the first discovering of the Continent of America, to the year 1673.

By John Josselyn Gent.

Memner. diftich rendred English by Dr. Heylin.

Heart, take thine ease,

Men hard to please

Thou haply might'st offend,

Though one speak ill

Of thee, some will

Say better; there's an end.

London, Printed for Giles Widdows, at the Green Dragon in St. Paul's-Church-yard, 1674.






President & Fellows


Royal Society:

The following Account of Two




Is Most Humbly presented

By the Authour

John Josselyn

To the Reader;

YOU are desired by the Authour to correct some literal faults, which by reason of the raggedness of the Copy have been committed.

G. Widdows.


PAge 4. line 10. for Soutler, read Soufler: p. 8. l. 9. for fu'd, r. in'd: p. 12. l. 28. for pound r. pint: p. 15. l. 11. for Two pound r. Two Shillings: p. 16. l. 27. for heads r. steels: p. 88. l. 3. to the 18 is misplaced, it should come in the next page at the beginning of the 10 l. after contribute your belief — p. 89. l. 14. for horns, r. horn: p. 89. l. 17. for lo, r. law: p. 97. l. 9 for this, r. his: p. 98. l. 13, for then r. still: p. 110. for point, r. joynt: p. 114. l. 9. for it will, r. that will: p. 115. l. 2. for convenium r. conveniant: p. 132. l. 7. for with, r. in: p. 153. for Auravia, r. Aurania: p. 154. l. 11. for Longlace, r. Lovelace: p. 180. l. 9. r. true Religion: p. 181. l. 16. for main travelling Women, r. many strange Women: some stops and points too are not right, as p. 181. l. 4. the stop should be at onely, so p. 181. l. 30. the stop should be after evil eye: p. 201. l. 2. it must be at low water: p. 191. l. 1. r. 1624. p. 197. l. 13. r. Tiaquoes: p. 202. l. 17. r. Acomenticus: p. 229. l. 21. for and r. who: p. 252. l. 10. r. Thomas Dudly, Isaac Johnson, Esquires: p. 274. l. 13. and 14. 1. Buccaneers.

Source: Overview by Bryan Wright

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