1. Trout
  2. Salt
  3. Horse-radish
  4. Sweet herbs
  5. Fried smelts/gudgeons
  6. Lemon slices
  • Let the fish be well scraped and cleansed from scales and blood
  • After it has lain about an hour in salt and spring water, put it into a fish-kettle
  • Add proportionate quantity of salt, horse-radish, and the bunch of sweet herbs
  • Put it in while the water is luke warm, and boil it gently till enough, or about half an hour, if it be thick; or twenty minutes if it be a small piece
  • Pour off the water and dry the fish well
  • dish it neatly upon a fish plate, in the centre, and garnish the dish with horse-radish scraped, (as done for roast beef,) or with fried smelts or gudgeons, and with slices of lemon round the rim.

  • The sauce to be melted butter, with and without anchovy; or Shrimp Sauce, or Lobster Sauce in different basons.
    Source: The New-England Cookery by Lucy Emerson, 1808

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