16001669, Oct 24
an English lawyer, author, polemicist, and political figure. He was a prominent Puritan opponent of the church policy of the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud. Although his views on church polity were presbyterian, he became known in the 1640s as an Erastian, arguing for overall state control of religious matters. A prolific writer, he published over 200 books and pamphlets.
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02/17/1634-William Prynne tried and convicted in Star Chamber for publishing Histrio-masti
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Inescate: To entice, to allure. From Latin in, in + csca, bait, food. William Prynne, in HISTRIOMASTIX (1633) cries o...
Lock: Short for lovelock, so called because it secured a loved one: a long strand of hair, hanging at the left ea...
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